Chrono Cross (クロノ・クロス)

I have been playing Chrono Cross the past few days (During my free time of course). It’s a Playstation RPG created by Square Co. Ltd (Now known as Square Enix) with a story that builds upon Chrono Trigger. I have not played Chrono Trigger before.

Chrono Cross is a great game, of which I would give it 10/10. I especially love it’s soundtracks, including Radical Dreamers ~Nusumenai Houseki~ and Reminiscing ~Uneraseable Memory~. I believe it has somewhat been one of the influences in my life (Evangelion is another), given that my email is radicaldreamers…

Anyway, read more about Chrono Cross here.

Chrono Cross OST Composition: Yasunori Mitsuda
Radical Dreamers ~Nusumenai Houseki~ lyrics

Radical Dreamers ~Nusumenai Houseki~

Japanese (Original)

Osanai te ni tsutsunda
Furueteru sono hikari wo
Kokomade tadottekita
Jikan no fuchi wo samayoi

Sagashi tzuzukete kitayo
Namae sae shiranaikeredo
Tada hitotsu no omoi wo
Anata ni tewatashitakute

Toki wa ai mo itami mo
Fukaku dakitome
Keshite yukukedo watashi wa
Oboeteiru zutto

Watashi no mune no oku ni
Itsukaraka hibiite ita
Yotsuyu no shizuku yori mo
Kasukana sasayakidakedo

Itetsuku hoshi no yami e
Tsumugu inori ga
Tooi anata no sora ni
Todoku you ni.

English (Translation)

I’ve followed this far in search of
That glimmering light
Clasped in the hands of a child,
Wandering the brink of time.

I have continued searching for you,
Though I know not your name,
Because I wanted to share
This feeling with you.

Time envelops both love and pain,
Until they fade away.
But I still remember them
And always will.

Though I cannot remember when,
A whisper began echoing
Deep within my heart,
Fainter than drops of evening dew.

May this prayer I spin
Weave through the darkness of the frozen stars
And reach the skies above you,
So far away.

Radical Dreamers ~Nusumenai Houseki~ (5.25MB, for Windows Media Player/Winamp/etc)

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