(Na)tional Serfdom?

The bird swooped in from above, with upmost precision. Landing with such grace and yet swifty. Moving across the table like a ballroom dancer before picking up what seems like leftovers from the previous diners. After savaging from the pile, it then prepared it’s wings for flight..and with a flap, it’s off with it’s journey towards the great unknown.

Many a times, we do want to be like a bird. Besides being able to travel over great distances, we do enjoy that non-confinement.. of which many of us has yet to experience.

I was thinking of this complusory yet seems like hundrum labour I will have to do in about 2 years time. Yes, it’s the what’s known as ‘National Service’ or *coughcheaplabourcough* to some or even ‘2 years of hell’ to others. To me, it seems like a boring thing indeed (for I have not entered NS).
Let’s do some maths here. Every year, there will be 2 batches of males (complusory for males, voluntary for females) entering National Service. Assuming that 10,000 males per batch. 20,000 males per year (Stimulated Figures). That’s like 200,000 fully trained males ready for battle anytime, anyday.
Hey, that’s fucking smart of the government to do that! Force the males to enter, train them as ‘machines-to-counter-war for 2 years’ and then throw them back into society. They will have to relearn whatever they have learnt before they entered NS (if they forget).

Does that suck? It does. What do you learn in NS? Operation of kick-ass guns, surviving on the battlefield, teamwork amongst comrades, erm… Operation of not-so-kick-ass guns..etc. Does it teaches you how to survive in the future, the recession, or even when you lose a job? Yes it does! You join back the army again! Work as one of the officers!

Either way, why does National Service have to be complusory.. and males to enter after secondary school education (after 16 years old) if they did not apply for education at JCs, Poly, ITE etc. The time between 16 to adulthood seems to be the golden years. Where males grow from boys to men (majority). It is also where tertiary education comes in place. 2 years used for National service could have been spent for attaining a degree (take is if you take the Poly pathway).

I do not understand that making it complusory is necessary. Given that Singapore only has people, the government has no ‘other’ choice but to harvest us as resources. The nation owns our body. We are slaves! I am a slave of the country, fighting for the nation and brainwashed since young. I have watched many fight for their freedom. Unknown to choice — nor known to freedom. Have withstood years of pain to get out of here, yet I am still stuck here. So as I wait… Unlimited Slaves Works.
2 years is important. I don’t know man, but that 2 years is really important. How can the country ‘replace’ that 2 years? There’s this ‘Do not ask what the country can do for you, but what you can do for the country’. I abhor that ‘quote’. For what I know. I do not do things for the country. I do it for the community.

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  1. Yeah man i agree. wheeeee…
    Two years man.
    But then, when you get out.
    All your female friends all damn smarter than you!
    Whatcha gonna do!
    Join back in college and in the same class are females younger than you by two years, nubile and ripe for the picking!!

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