When /b/ invades Linksys Live Assistance

Arvie (10693): Hi, my name is Arvie (10693). How may I help you?
The Dude: Hola.
The Dude: Ayudarme, por favor.
The Dude: Tu hablas espanol?
Arvie (10693): You’ll have to speak in English.
The Dude: No comprendo.
The Dude: No hablo en ingles.
Arvie (10693): I will not be able to help you if we cannot speak English.
The Dude: Por favor.
The Dude: Conoces a Rex?
The Dude: Donde esta Rex?
The Dude: Conectarme con rex, por favor.
The Dude: Alo?
Arvie (10693): Por Favor. Stop these pranks! I have enough.
Arvie (10693) Has Disconnected

That was funny. But the rest got boring.

It continues even after a Tech support officer ‘Arvie’ visits the board to warn the pranksters.

^ Click on image for a larger image.

And someone from the board decides to stop the prank by telling the truth to tech support.

^ Click on image for a larger image.

I refreshed the page and another Tech support officer ‘Rex’ posted.

^ Click on image for a larger image.

The pranks were funny at the start, but got irritating, stupid and childish soon after.

Source: /b/ – Random 4chan

Update: The thread got closed

For those who didn’t read the thread, I’ve saved it in html.

File is available here (431Kb, extract using winRAR)

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