The Hunt

Her blondish hair color, sapphire eyes and tender skin, complementing it was her cheerful expression. Almost like a typical blond she was, there was something different. The blood that flowed through her was those of the daemons.

That dark and possesive race. Impure and wandering spirits roaming freely around. Departing from their celestial vigour by the contagion of this planet. They both are deviced and device others. Yet, our characterties are oddly similar. A rational mind, a soul subjected to passions and of that of a human. Why is that they are treated differently? Is it because of the blood? I couldn’t comprehend such elusiveness. It was either to kill or be killed.

A beep sounded from my communication headset. It was the cue. The hunt has started. The hunt for the daemonic race. That was the only goal of the NOM, the elite team of C.S (combat soldiers).

I swiftly proceeded with the kill. A deep stab straight to the heart. There was no resistance, and her last parting words were…

‘Your silent whisper’

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