I wondered
‘How do games help in the upbringing of someone’s future’
Is it the addiction?
That drives a person going?
The passion?
Or is it the ‘ego’ within one’s self to beat the other player
But what good cause does it do
Yet i ponder
Each game was made for a purpose
But is it behind every game makers’ dream to gain monetary out of it?
Or is it something deeper
Like spreading his dream towards the world
Or maybe geared at gamers
Or simply to illustrate a story
Many scorn ‘bad’ games
But was it of influence
Or of personal opinion
To render that of physics engine
To bring that of a dream to reality
Games have bought many together, and also people apart
Is it to be taken lighty
Or that of a pathway of life

A little poem(?) I kinda thought of during an MSN conversation.

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