That lampstand beside my table

I vaguely remember that incident that happened years ago.

I was a little kid back then, and I’m terrified of bees.

It was a cloudness night, I left my window open, not wanting to use the air-conditioner.

I had the lamp switched on, with it’s bashful glow providing extra illumination to room’s light.

A bee couple happily flew in. I panicked, and ran out of my room, peeking from the corner of the wall.

Watching with utmost curiously and yet perplexed. I studied our little friends.

They were attracted to the lamp’s warm glow and began their flight towards it.

They flew towards the core of the lamp’s bulb! The heat fried them instanly. A small *buzz* could be heard before they died.

And today, I’m thankful to that lamp for unintentionally saving me from the warth of the two bees.

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