We’re back!

I’m going back into drawing/CGing having stopped for about 5 months.

Here’s what I plan to do

PLANS (Plans are over-rated)

CG using the tablet 30%
Draw using the tablet 5%
More Fanart? 21%

Here’s the lil’ piece I did.

^ This is the desired effect anyway. I duplicated the lineart layer and changed the blending mode to ‘Soft Light’.

Used colors that were too dark for the first picture.

I need comments, tutorials and guides on improving my art/CG techniques, and of course, for this picture as well. Thank You :)

2 thoughts on “We’re back!”

  1. ne, im not an artist myself, though being an art student myself >_>;,thus throwing some of my 2 cents worth comments[although it;s a little late, lst time here…^^;;]

    ano, overall, it’s decently done, however, putting more details onto your character will boost the glamour of your character…like the hair…putting more strokes of hair and addin more hair lines on the hair will make it more detailed and nice…

    and wonder was it me or something…the left eye and right eye doesnt seems to be of the same size[even if slightly titled, the right eye shouldnt be much more bigger than the left ^^]

    kyu~ am i a little mean? >_

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