Kit Kat Sakura (Cherry Blossom)

So I got one of these Kit Kat Sakura pack.

Pack Includes:

  • Kit Kat Sakura (Exam Version)
  • Kit Kat Chunky Wafer
  • POLO Peppermint
  • Kit Kat Mobile Phone Pouch

Kit Kat Sakura tastes like (chemically processed) strawberry wafers. It’s like those from Pocky’s strawberry flavoured sticks.

… KIT KAT sounds like “Kitto Katsu” , which means “sure-win”….

きっと (adv,n) (1) surely; undoubtedly; certainly; without fail; (2) sternly; severely; KD

勝つ 【かつ】 (v5t,vi) to win; to gain victory; (P); EP

They are kinda right about that.

Kitto (きっと) is the the female high school student in their advertisement.

Kitto’s Webcomic  <Link>

Katsu (勝つ) is the male high school student in their advertisement.

Katsu’s Webcomic <Link>

Let’s all shout KITTO KATSU! 

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  1. I got it from the supermarket over here in Singapore. They are cheaper compared to some of the auctions in ebay for the Kit Kat Sakura (Exam Version).

  2. ~Woah

    Never saw those before, Would love to try those out for once. Great pictures thank you for sharing ;)

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