Resin/Garage Kits

The interest in assembling and painting resin/garage kits sparked again.

I found this guide <Link> on painting resin/garage kits on google.

Tools Needed:

Citadel Paints/Enamels/Japanese Hobby Paints
Super Glue
Cutting Blades
Sanding Paper
Detailing Markers
Dremel Tool

Seems that a airbrush + compressor isn’t necessary, but recommanded. I do not have a dremel tool as well. Currently, I don’t have the resources to get a airbursh + compressor (Approx: 280SGD). Seems that I’ll have to stick to conventional means of painting with a brush.

A resin/garage kit is needed obviously.

^ Source: Hobby Stock Japan <Link>

The アスカ (Asuka) kit looks good. Unfortunately, it’s at 4,689円 (Approx: 63SGD). My budget’s about 3000円.

Anyone has any recommandations?

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