Photography – Time stored in 2D frame

I like stopping time in the 2-Dimensional frame – Taking photos.

Anyway, the 2 images below are of Nao from Mabinogi.

^ Click for a meaner and bigger image.

I’m still new to this digital photography stuff. Above picture(s) not that well taken due to the distracting background (Books, Soft toys).

My current camera is a Canon DIGITAL IXUS v3 <Link>. It’s a hand-me-down from my sister last dec. The CCD sensor started screwing up recently (Purple overlay on images). But that’s not the point anyway.

Below, I googled some guides/tips/hints on photography taking. I believe that to ‘master’ the art of taking great photos, you got to know your camera well. Of course other factors such as lighting, timing matters. But there’s always ways around those. Read the manual that came with your camera, or the online manual(s) found in your camera’s ‘brand’ site.
Taking Pictures – Kodak <Link>

Top 10 Photo Taking Tips <Link>

10 Top Digital Camera Shooting Tips <Link>

How to Make Great Photographs <Link>

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