That Phase of Adolescence

I vaguely remember being hit by the phase of adolescence during the age of 15-16.

It was terrible. I was in the ‘The-whole-world-is-against-me’ shit and being an idiot thinking I was l33t.

Anyway, I found the first sketchbook/notebook that I used back in secondary school.

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I used to write down the words that described my thinking everyday, starting with Act 1, so on and so forth.
I would then display them on my MSN display name “Act.1: Isolation

^ Click on the image to get a meaner and bigger image

I wrote up to Act 37. But it actually goes on all the way till act 99 or even way pass 130.

Ah. The period of adolescent, nostalgic yet a difficult phase to go through.

Note: This is probably one of the more embarassing post I have written :)

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  1. don’t we all have embarrassing note/sketchbooks? I REMEMBER THAT SKECTHBOOK MAN! oh man! i miss you! haha yup sounds damn homosexual coming from a dude, but oh wells! somore can action with our two lines of poetry to me just now! ACTION! ahahaha

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