YUI – I remember You Out

Somehow, it’s out before the actual release (Which is tomorrow) :/

9/20正午~36時間限定『I remember you』フルコーラス公開! (2006.9.13)

9/20リリースのニューシングル『I remember you』のMusic Videoの
公開期間:2006.9.20(水)正午~9.21(木)いっぱい ※36時間
ビデオクリップフルコーラスはSony Music Online Japanトップページにて!

^ As seen from the main page of YUI-net

You can grab it off torrents, that if you wish.

I didn’t managed to get a pre-order of the single.

Nice interview of YUI <Link>


Who is YUI you may ask.

YUI is a Japanese J-Pop/J-Rock artist, born March 26, 1987 in Fukuoka, Japan. She sings and plays acoustic guitar, and writes her own songs. She is still relatively unknown outside of Japan, but her song “LIFE”, from her single by the same name, was the 5th ending theme for Bleach, a popular Japanese anime series, which has brought her some international fame.

Source: Wikipedia <Link>

Many claim that she has a heavenly voice. I find hers rather unique and feel at peace listening to her songs. What’s yours?

The only way to grab YUI’s releases is via amazon.jp or yesasia.com (Online Purchase) since it’s not in the local stores :(

YUI currently has 6 singles , 1 album and a main actress role in Taiyou no Uta (タイヨウのうた).




^ Screenshot from Wikipedia’s aritcle

Do support this Japanese J-Pop/J-Rock artist! Buy her singles and album and give it to me :)

6 thoughts on “YUI – I remember You Out”

  1. Hi

    I really like her voice, she has a very sweet voice and her songs seems to be very romantic, though i don’t know Japanese, i love her songs. The one which i like the most is “I remember you”. She looks beautiful. I would love to meet her one day.


  2. same even though im english i dunno wat the hell she’s saying ..but se has a good voice and i wanna meet her one day too..she is full on awesome..

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