2006 September – Singapore. Waseda Shibuya Senior High School Festival

Just barely 12 hours after I got back to Singapore, I was out again, off to the school festival in Waseda Shibuya Senior High School. I wasn’t overly excited to go for this one, probably due to not having enough rest from the previous trip and the ‘stress’ from the upcoming piano exam (Grade 8).

I have been to school festivals. We had those in secondary school. This time, it’s done Japanese style.

Lots of people queuing up for Shinobi, and a nice japanese girl in kimono ushering and keeping the people in queue.

I can’t remember what this is.

Works of students doing social studies. I believe it’s tougher than what I had in secondary school, plus, you need to write it in Japanese.

Pictures of the Year 3 students on class trips. From the looks of the clear blue water and terrific color of the sky, I reckon it’s probably their any country other than Singapore.

More pictures of school life. Including sports festivals (meets) , birthday celebrations, lab work.

Japanese history assignment written by a Year 2 student. Nicely decrorated.

More books/notes of Japanese history assignments written by students.

Arts and Craft

Pottery, designed and made by Year 2 students.

Arts and Craft. Color wheels and sculptures of hands. We did Color wheels back in secondary school as well.

The V-sign (Victory). One of the most over-used signs every conned by mankind. It’s a pretty good sculpture.

The students unleash their creativity by painting on wooden boxes and baskets.


Calligraphy. The art of beautiful writing.

Short, simple and Clean.

English Writing

I like this section the most.

The students had to do an assignment of which to interview the local people and write a short essay on the information gathered. Some where pretty good, some weird, and some absolutely brainwashed by MTV.

This is probably one of the best out of the many others on the board.


A skit performed by Japanese students. I do have to apologize for the blurred pictures. There was not enough light and I can’t use flash.

Taking photos under low light condition and ISO 400, higher exposure didn’t help.

And the crew who acted out in the skit.

The story was basically how love developed between the kid with the huge ass 80s specs and the girl in the purple shirt.

Students performing for an audience.

More updates to come soon!

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  1. Hi! i am zheng yang, i am a singaporean. My friends and i are interested to make friend with the japanese students. Do you all have any more activities or festival that can invite us to join.

    Thank you
    zheng yang

  2. Im also interested to make friends with the Japanese students,so does anyone knows when and where the next few event/festivals will be held in 2009? thanks in advance

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