Shit Happens

I do have to apologize for the lack of post for the past week.

I was away for a class chalet for 3 days. During that 3 days however, my main HDD (A 40GB Maxtor wIth OS installed) decided it was time to hibernate forever (layman terms: die). Also, my BENQ LCD monitor has also reached it’s end of life. It starts displaying a whole patch of white. I have another BENQ monitor which also has the same problem. So BENQ, you have just lost a customer :)

I’m currently using the HDD from my dad’s pc, which has XP installed, as a temporary platform to access the rest of the HDDs and stuff. I’ll also have to purchase a new HDD for my OS, preferbly 40 – 80GB HDD, and a another 250GB to replace my current Western Digital HDD which seems to be dying soon (weird disk patter reading noise).

Why a HDD of such a small size you may ask? It is as if the main HDD dies (I hope not in the near 5-6 years) again, I’ll only lose the OS. Why not do partitions, as some of the teck geeks would suggest? Read the previous answer.

The air-conditioning technicans will be coming over tomorrow morning to replace the current 10 years old (or ever older) Sanyo air conditioner :) The reason why we didn’t want to replace earlier was as it was still functioning properly, except for the leaking of water) and that it’s ‘Made in Japan’ (which means high quality). Most air conditioners now are either made in China or some other wayward country, which means that the quality wouldn’t be that great.

So, to sum up, here’s what needs to be repaired/replaced


2 BENQ LCD Moniters Expensive
1 40GB 3″5 HDD Expensive
1 250GB 3″5 HDD Expensive
Total: A very large hole in the pocket

Oh, and the current state of my workdesk

1 LCD monitor behind the CRT, the other is in between the red bucket and plant in the pot.

The HDD that you see on the bottom left is from my dad’s pc (partly hidden under the table on the right).

Purple-ish cloth on the floor is my specs cleaning cloth.

And, shit happens.

It’s Friday the 13th as well :/

4 thoughts on “Shit Happens”

  1. maxtor is shit
    seagate is TEH shit
    benq is shit
    dell is TEH shit

    the ‘made in japan’ thing is all in your head. i have a ‘made in malaysia’ panasonic ac from back in the days and it still works. ‘made in japan’ != TEH shit

    also, run your os off a 120/160 rather than 40. games and apps takes up alot of space. if you lose your os the programs wont work anyway so theres no point in seperating the two.

  2. […] the ‘made in japan’ thing is all in your head. i have a ‘made in malaysia’ panasonic ac from back in the days and it still works. ‘made in japan’ != TEH shit […]

    Air conditioner’s been here for more than 15 years :) So, it’s not ‘all in your head’ thing

  3. Lol… ouch, to have both LCDs die on you, that just sucks. I’ve had my Samsung LCD for over a year now, works lovely. Wouldn’t mind paying for extra for the ensured quality of a product and buying a 40gb drive isn’t really the best buy nowadays.

    Friday the 13th… hehehe

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