PriPub: Or Anti-Soncial Engineering Response

With response to PriPub: Or, Anti-social Engineering <Link>

But how is it possible to think of porn, and then link it to mp3 players, PDAs (Public Displays of Affection), and mobile phones?

Easy. It’s all linked to the personal and the private. Now, I didn’t pay attention during my lectures, so I can’t tell you who actually first came up with this, but the public and personal SPACE must be distinguished with the public SPHERE, which is where the media is located, and where there can be political discussions and such. That is not what we are talking about here.

It remains even in today’s “connected” society, with technology being submerged into the waves of our lives ever more subtly, that there is a taboo regarding the personal and the public. Mostly, it’s a restriction against the private overflowing into the public.

The everloving pursuit to exhibit the private to the public. One that is “For Your Eyes/Ears Only” becomes what is known as “For your eyes/ears as well”

I experience such almost daily. One fine example happened today. I got on the bus which brings me to the doorstep of my school. Just at the stop before mine, six elderly women got on bought the same bus as well. This led to the situation of them engaging in a conversation that required incremental voices over the bus’s airspace, just like a swarm of bees. I’m glad that my headphones muffled out most of the noise.

^ Too much noise makes Rin crazy :/

Another pet hate would be the exhibition of the songs that are being leaked (layman: mp3 players tuned too loudly + crap earphones). We do not wish to listen to your “OMFG. This band r0xx0r my s0cker” or “Hey, Look people. I’m listening to [insert band/artist/song here]! Don’t you think they are like the bestest?”. If you have to tune your volume bar to like 80dB, I suggest you get a new set of high-quality earphones/headphones [Sennheiser, Shure, Beyerdynamic etc] and no, your default ipod phones DO NOT qualify as high quality. There is also those who publicly blast songs thru their “l33t” phones speakers. I do not mind if it’s a nice song [which is rare]. Please listen to your chinese/english rap crap in the privacy of your bedroom and at a acceptable noise level.

 Public Displays of Affection (Read PDA) are one that which I cannot stand. I’m down with holding hands. But petting or kissing (affectional or not) is way out of the line. I do see couples standing near the train doors, leading against the glass, touching each other and their lovely-dovey eyes… Ugh. This somehow leads to Chikan (Train Molesters) and this picture (see below) which I took in a cubicle a few days back. HAHA.

Reads: If you like to get molested in crowed train, leave me your handphone number and I will SMS you.

I am wondering how would this apply over here. The most crowded trains here do not compare to that in Japan. How would such be commited?

There are also loud mobile phone conversations. This applies very much over here. We have people going “HARLOW? AH SENG AH? LIM PEH AH!” or those “I ish yesterday tell you oready.” I am fine with the latter, as it usually has some amusement in the coversation… But the former really ticks me off.  

I believe there’s one stand I would take to counter. Pop on my headphones, and sleep :) This removes both the visual and audio aspect off the outside world, leading to inner peace.

Flight or Fight. Which is that you choose?

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