When Pirates go too far

Here’s a lovely picture of Saber.

Many would have seen the recent ‘well made’ Saber figurine.

But when the pirates go too far.

^ The famous fake Saber figurine picture.

^ The Original. (Source: Hobby Link Japan)

I have seen fakes for figurines. One such example would be Kasumi Black Version. It was almost identical to the original. Except for a deformed hair and extra long hair. But this one’s probably one of the lowest quality ever made.

This led to the creation of the pictures below.

Translation: That’s cruel, Shirou.

^ Saber’s strangling the figurine

I do not really see the purpose of getting fakes. Given that figurines are relativity ‘affordable’ and their price range varies from 25USD ~ 800USD +++ . Setting aside a bit of your lunch money works great as well. Or you could be like some, eating only instant noodles (cheap cost).

Point is, get the original figurine(s). What for pay for a fake when by topping it up with a few dollars more to get an original? I guess it’s personal preference…

10 thoughts on “When Pirates go too far”

  1. The point is, many fools buy through ebay or whatever, or are just plain n00bs who know not of the existence of bootlegs. Besides, this Sader isn’t a bootleg.

  2. @tj han: ok. so I got my information wrong. But even if this isn’t a bootleg. Where is the quality? Fools should learn the existence of HLJ or YJA or e2046.

  3. I really don’t think it’s a fake. Obviously it’s ‘pirated’ by some kind of recasting of the original PVC, but with the accessories that come with it (such as the ‘wire sword’), it’s more like a parody. Fun times. I could think of people who would buy it just for the heck of it.

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