Drops of sweat fell onto the ugly mixture of asphalt. Each step seemed like a mile too far away. The sudden increase of CO2 particles from the south began trapping more heat. The sea of faces seen from afar was the same – long, boring and tired. Many quickly sheltered away from the sweltering weather. I did the same too, and headed towards the only air conditioned place which was nearby… the library.

It was quiet, due to it being only the first week of school. The usual nerds were probably still having their lessons. I quickly ushered to my common place. On my right. 2 were on their chat client whlist another was fast asleep. On my left were a couple, doing their PDA in a corner.  

This is the point where this entry was written. And this is where this entry will end.

3 thoughts on “Random-ness”

  1. great… now its my turn in the library. i see ppl watchin pr0n, couples doing PDA and I seem to be the only guy surfing websites normally.

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