Slow down accelerating world

Sometimes the world seems to move at too fast a pace. People often look too far ahead, not grasping what is in the present.

[…]That is why even as I chase my dreams and ideals, I am going to be enjoying myself at every moment I can […]

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“Slow down accelerating world” 

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Many young locals often coin this country as a rather boring place. I did too as well, until I learnt the beautiful places that exist right in front of my very eyes. People should get on a bicycle and explore the places around them, instead of rotting their fat asses at home watching tv , MMORPG-ing or heading straight to the city to shop.

I cycle about 2- 3 times a week. Each ranging from 30 mins ~ 2 hours long. I enjoy it as a recreational sport. Cycling is the most energy-efficient means of transport generally available.

Heading out on the sunny saturday afternoon, I cycled along Boon Lay Way/West Commonwealth Ave, taking a turn at the junction between West Commonwealth Ave and Clementi Road, down towards NUS and the Japanese elementary. Afterwhich, I took another right turn and headed towards West Coast Road, passing by Waseda Shibuya and the Japanese Secondary school and cycled around Pandan Reservoir (approx 4KM in circumference) before going up Jurong Town Hall Road back home.

Pandan Reservoir is a really nice place to visit, both day and night. There are a lot of pretty lights during the night. I’ll try to get photos of it when I get a new camera.

Passing by the Japanese schools, I realized that they were all playing the same sport – Baseball. It’s a really popular sport over there. I stopped by to watch a bit of the action. It’s really sad that we didn’t have baseball back in school.

Anyway, 2 pathetic shots of Pandan Reservoir.


Taken using cellphone’s camera since my Canon IXUS v3 is officially dead (no image feed to LCD screen – Issues with CCD sensor me thinks).

And here’s my new bicycle



4chan NFL Stadium Bomb Threats – CBS <Link>

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  1. Gotta agree. I also used to cycle alot, but now I do walking instead. You get more freedom that way too. Just try walking frm the central to the east of Singapore. Tiring? A little but alot of fun as you explore new places.

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