Asuka Bike Version

Someone on multiplayer notepad (Read: IRC) posted a link to a /fig/ board containing EVA figurines.

As a ‘huge’ Asuka ‘fan’, the first picture featured the 1/5.5 Asuka Room Wear Version which is coming out on Jan 2007. I wasn’t interested in that picture however, as it costs 14,800 yen (HLJ is having an early bird special where if you pre-order it before 29 Oct, you’ll get a 5% off) and doesn’t really look that attractive.

What caught my attention instead was the last picture… Asuka Bike Version!

^ A very hawt looking Asuka!

^ A rather sexy Rei!

Now that’s a really hot looking Asuka. There’s a Rei Bike Version as well, but somewhat not as nice as compared to Asuka’s. Probably it’s the color combinations used.

『Vispo』さん「アスカR」「綾波R」 <Link>

1/5.5 Asuka Langray Room Wear Completed <Link>

Vispo <Link>

/fig/ board <Link>

On the side note, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien fans can rejoice as the web anime Ayumayu Theater gets put up on the web! A clever spin-off from the anime, it includes the cute, chibi Daikuji Ayu and Tamano Mayu!

Free Anime: Ayumayu Theater Episode One Online <Link>

Age-soft: Ayumayu Theater <Link>

I also came across this blog <Link>

Written by Akiho Misumai , a Japanese lady residing in North Japan, it contains a mixture of Japanese and English post, with the exception of some ‘engrish’ in the english post ^^. Enjoy her posts :)

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