Characters and Relationships

“So what kind of girls do you like?”

I wasn’t taken aback by that question. This was as I hardly tell anyone about my life.

“I like those with twin ponytails… pigtails are they not?”

“How about their character and stuff?”

“I don’t really mind someone who’s outgoing, perceptive, resourceful and yet sensible” (Can’t remember if I said that)

Yes, I have a “fetish” for pigtail hairstyle (Don’t think it’s odango style). It looks good, and somehow it is rare running into girls who tie their hair up in pigtails, making it rather unique. Back here, girls with ponytails are like the rare breed. And somehow they seem to be snotty?

^ Tohsaka Rin. One of my fav characters ^^

 Character wise, as stated on the above

[…] who’s outgoing, perceptive, resourceful and yet sensible […]

I don’t mind someone who’s proud and strong as well. Superiority complex? Egotism? I think I’ll be able to handle that.

This sounds very much like Tsundere isn’t it?

Tsundere (ツンデレ?) is a Japanese term for a personality that is initially combative (cranky), and then loving (spoony). Tsundere is a combination of the two words tsuntsun (ツンツン?), and deredere (デレデレ?). Tsuntsun is defined as “aloof, morose, pointed”[1], and deredere is defined as “exhausted, lovestruck, logy”[1]. Tsunderekko is a related noun, referring to a girl with a tsundere personality, as meganekko is for a girl with glasses.

Source: Wikipedia <Link>

But does Tsundere exist in real life? Some said ‘no’, while one said it’s similar to the personalities of a ‘bitch’. I rest my case on this.

Being a INTP <Link> (Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving), I’m rather attracted to my direct opposite – ESFJ <Link>(Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging).

I believe that in relationships, opposites attract. We are naturally attracted to individuals who are different from ourselves – and therefore somewhat exciting. This is also a natural quest to complete what we lack. This is why men are attracted to women and vice versa? (HAHA pun) This would involve two opposite individuals to engage in an intimate relationship with communication barriers and issues to overcome, making us a more complete individual. Survival of the fittest, no?

This can be seen in my family. I being the INTP, and my sis being almost the direct opposite. We argue, fight – somehow like a love-hate relationship. Both allured to and repulsed to our characters.

Yet, such does not apply to working colleagues, or friends. I would prefer someone who has the similar character as I am. This makes communication much easier, and also understanding each other as well. I personally do not have much patience with people who are ‘different’. Different wave-lengths = Difficult time decoding your needs. I guess we prefer to finish the work quick, then waste more time on it.

The world is a vast place, with many opportunities to meet new people and maybe even the person who you may have a long term relationship with. But who would this person be? It is only when you explore, interact and assess, that you will really know.

6 thoughts on “Characters and Relationships”

  1. You guys fail! You totally missed the point of the post. :P

    I think you would like someone “opposite” of you, because it presents a challenge to you. Though both of you sitting in understanding silence is by no means a negative aspect of a relationship.

    I am the “ONE” (re: tsundere). :D

  2. I am considered an active (hyperactive) , talktative and opinionist person. But i found myself to be attracted to shy type girls from some reason. The girl that i have relationship with right now, is a nice shy (not an extreme shy, but moderate shy) feminime girl. We’re differ alot in interests , but we have something in common (himitsu~ desu~).

    Well, different character personalities “may” give birth to this unknown attraction.

  3. if you really find someone who is EXACTLY the opposite of u in E-V-E-R-Y way, you’d DIE. Opposite attracts? NO. Hahahahaha…

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