Rain owned me

I got owned by the rain.

As you guys may (or may not) know, I’m started cycling to school instead of taking the public transport.

Cycling to school shaves off about 15 mins in travelling time, plus I get exercise this way, and free transportation :)

Parents and friends did argue about me getting all sweaty when I reach school. But it doesn’t really matter as I will  be in school about 20 mins earlier, which is my cooldown period.

Anyway, I didn’t think it was necessary to bring along a poncho on my way out today… which was a big mistake. It rained quite heavily aruond 4.30pm and I unfortunately got caught in the rain as my lessons end at 5. I was stuck in school for about 20-30mins, hoping the rain would get lighter, before attempting to cycle back home. Alas, it was still heavy, and I (being impatience), decided to battle out with the rain.

Armed with only my Nike cap and bag, it was a walkover for mr rain man. I got home all drenched.

Point? Remember to pack a poncho in my bag!

5 thoughts on “Rain owned me”

  1. I used to ride to a friend’s house to catch the bus from there and when it rained it was the worst. Since water is being thrown up from the back wheel, it’d just soak my backpack. Thank god for when I got my driver’s license.

  2. Survival tip #45: In a tizz, empty the nearest garbage can, grab the big black bag, and push your head through it for a quick-fix poncho.

  3. well~ i would like to cycle but.. its too far for me. I’ll die! =X

    if only i studied in TP, i could even walk there if i left early.

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