What is that you desire?

Fulfillment beyond what’s necessary.

Or the necessity to fulfill?

Over the course of the 18 years in my life. I have made many decisions.. decisions that lead to another mind-blowing decision etc.. What is this butterfly effect? What is the purpose to seek for the core? Or does one need a reset button, in order to fulfill the necessary?

I have met many people, ok maybe not that many. But many people online. People from different walks of life, different cultures, environments, countries, personalities, characters etc. From each, I begin to understand the other even better.Each experience seemed even better than the one before.

I have changed over this span of time. The ever changing attributes to be added or removed. From a mischevious young boy, fighting the arcs of puberty, maturing (still) to a fine person. Each person I met, left either a experience to discard, or one to embrace to.

I have never regretted the decisions I have made. What is there to regret? For one cannot turn back time, and replay like loading a saved game. Yet, enjoy each process and accept the result. Life is a period of animate existance, just that of a unpainted canvas/unsketched art. How would you paint it? How would you sketch it?

So, what is that you desire?

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