Resin/Garage Kits Update 2

I have  found out that I can take up figurine modelling classes from a friend’s friend.

Classes would cost about 200 I reckon.

Damn, which means I have to save up even more.

Wishlist (?)

Rei Ayanami & Asuka Langley Soryu Motorcycle/Bike Version (Geting them in a pair :) )

Approx: 240SGD

Airbrush & Compressor (Yes, I haven’t gotten them T___T)

Approx: 500SGD (Juice says there are cheaper ones)

Figurine Lessons

Approx: 200SGD


Primer (Mr Base White or Dupi-Color)
Respirator Mask 
Paints (lacquer)
Sandpaper (400/800/1000/2000 grit)
Sweker (spelling) Resin/Garage kit Thinner (Either Generic or Mr Color)

Approx: 60SGD

Total: A lot of moneh

Approx 1000SGD/630USD/830AUD

You can buy a PS3 with that amount of money. But I would rather use it for resins instead to gain one more skill :).

I also need ot get a new camera. Powershot S3 IS anyone? Or a DSLR.

I’ve 60SGD on hand right now haha.

Anyone willing to donate to the windbell-starter-figurine-fund? I need the moneh! You’ll probably get some nice benefits (LIEK FREE ERM… DON’T KNOW :p).


Haha. Modded version of Louise to Haruhi.


Rei Ayanami with Motorcycle <Link>

Asuka Langley Soryu with Motorcycle <Link>

8 thoughts on “Resin/Garage Kits Update 2”

  1. icie: yeah. I’ll add it in
    Hijiko: i can’t work part time (parents don’t allow it), I’m cutting down the amount spent for lunch haha.

  2. Maybe it’s cause I’m in a different kind of society here, but having a part-time job is a really good thing. Not only does it build confidence, but you get money out of it =D.

  3. Hijiko: haha. Nah. It’s the same here. It is just that my parents don’t want me to get distracted by part time jobs. And they want me to concentrate on my studies instead

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