There was one main reason I stayed on using the computer, instead of getting interested in other stuff as books (I do read them), fashion items etc.

It was to avoid the ‘materialistic’ trap. That very one trap that leeches that honey-loving cold hard cash slotted neatly in your wallet, one that could cause millions into debt (okay, exaggeration), one that burns a very deep hole into your pocket.

By staying on the computer, I could retrieve and gather information at almost the cost of nothing. I buried myself deeper into the net of information. I then pondered at the question, was I escaping from that trap, or have I been in it and yet not realized?

I do have materialistic needs, probably not as much/little as some others, but I know it’s there. That desire to purchase something of high quality. Who wants lousy, cheap quality things? 

I was given a hand-it-down camera. A Canon IXUS v3. It served me loyalty for a term of 10 months since I received it. I love taking photos. It’s like a frame of experience from what I see, saved in digital form to allow others to view. I knew it would died out soon, and on the 10th month, it started giving out signs of old age. I couldn’t do much, except to allow it’s slow death to occur.

Now I’m screwed, as without a camera, I feel like a piece of my life is missing. I can’t take photos of what I think would be a nice photo. An important communication channel to my audience has been taken away. I felt my existance fading away. So many opportunties, yet sadly wasted.

Now as I save up for my needs, it’s a long and hard journey, but it has to be done.

So, have I become materialistic?






12 responses to “Materialism”

  1. icie Avatar

    No, not as realistic as me. I realise that the Internet doesnt diminish your material desire, but instead increases it. My expenditure has blow up over the roof since I found those anime merchandise sites and ebay. ITS A TRAP.

  2. jay Avatar

    you need a real sugar daddy stats winny!

  3. Hijiko Avatar

    You find more interesting stuff on the net always, like icie said… IT’S A TRAP! But in your case, I would say your materialistic… to me, being materialistic means that you can’t live without ANY of your possessions (whatever it my be). So are you at that level yet? =P

  4. Adun Avatar

    Everyone has materialistic needs. If someone says they don’t then they are lying. But does the materialistic needs satisfy us? No. Once you have one you want more. For me in terms of anime merchandise I wouldn’t say its a materialistic need as I do turn down particular things I want.

    As for a camera, well with owning a DSLR, I do find I still need a few things for it, like a tripod, a remote, more lenses etc. But I guess I had it easy for me since it is a family present to me for my graduation/birthday/xmas present. Perhaps you could try the same thing? But of course I still had to chip in $200AU myself, but that’s nothing compared to the end result.

  5. Juice Avatar

    Nah,you are still ok. No way to get another camera or get your current one fixed ?

  6. windbell Avatar


    Getting the current one fixed isn’t really a feasible idea, given that it’s a 3.2MP.

    I’m planning to get a Powershot S3 IS

  7. bj0rN Avatar

    Materalistic? No way. I see it as a way where people get it for the sake of “Brand” and such. People these days just don’t know how to spend their money. Lets say computers, they think spending alot of money to get high speifications is good, but what’s the point? It burns out fast, dies out fast and doesn’t really serve extra stuffs like an ordinary computer.

    You getting a new camera is ok since your current one is dying. What’s the point of getting two?

    For me, I don’t have much clothes, I’m materaliistic when it comes to that. What’s the point of showing off. I even wear shorts, slippers and tee-shirt when I go down town. But perhaps when it comes to the things like camera, gaming gear and such, I’ll be quite specific. I guess that’s not really being materialistic

    Let’s see Wikipedia…

    Materialism refers to how a person or group chooses to spend their resources, particularly money and time. Literally, a materialist is a person for whom collecting material goods is an important priority. In common use, the word more specifically refers to a person who primarily pursues wealth and luxury. Sometimes such a person displays conspicuous consumption.

  8. windbell Avatar

    icie: You pointed out a very good point haha.

    Hijiko: I most probably can’t live without the internets. It’s one main communication and information tool that I need to use.

    Adun: I don’t know. The camera’s probably one of the possesion I can’t go without.

    bj0rn: I’m particular when choosing clothes. I try to avoid shirts that are common. It’s a identity I try to create to be different from others. Individualism

  9. Juice Avatar

    At least you are not choosing a SLR for a new camera haha.

  10. windbell Avatar

    Like i said, i don’t mind not getting a DSLR. of course, if cash permits, I will get it.

  11. bj0rN Avatar

    Alright. Enlighten me. What is SLR and DSLR? I’m planning to get a professional camera soon since I have no freedom with the current family camera. Lucky for me, my dad actually suggested getting one for me! (Without knowing I take pictures of erm… artistic figures.)

    Same here. Choosing a special shirt and looking for a brand is so different by the way. I should go make my own shirts too. If you’re interested, we could do something about it.

  12. Moon Goddess Avatar

    I am a materialistic girl with big dreams.

    I dream about my Burberry white denim trousers along with a Giorgio Armani dark chocolate silk tailored shirt. A Hermes grape design enameled bracelet and a Dolce & Gabbana gold metal watch on both my wrists to go with my outfit.

    To complete my look, there’d be a B. Fendi lace and embroidery medium shoulder bag, together with Dior cannage slouch boot that fits delicately on my sexy legs.

    I will then step out to be ready to be chauffeured around in my Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, as I look at the world through my Valentino black diamond sun glasses.

    Tagging behind me with a Prada patent leather dog collar would be my beloved Golden Retriever, as he fondles with the Emilio Pucci quadrifoglio silk shawl hanging from my neck.

    If it should rain, I would expect my ready servant to be there to shelter me with my Louis Vuitton Arc en Ciel umbrella to prevent the rain from ruining my exquisitely designed Panthere de Cartier 18-carat white gold ring that comes in a set with my diamond-paved white gold links of a wild panther that extends its elongated feline form. Not forgetting the black speckled coat of a panther, onyx, teamed with brillion diamonds.

    If I stand on a mountain made of diamonds and rubies, I’d shine so bright that they are, but dull stones.

    I’d be the star of every scene, the role model of every young lady, the dream of every guy and the nightmare of every girl. I’d be so lovely that there’s no denying.

    I’d mesmerize everyone in town, that all would be under my spell. My enemies would be in jail as I scoff at them while sipping wine.

    A sparkling bestiary dream of mine?

    I dream big.

    You like my dream? I give you my dream.

    And you are welcome to join my dream of materialism. =)

    Moon Goddess is ALWAYS nice. Hur hur hur…

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