Thanks Cynthia for giving me half of the sandwich her boyfriend got for her.

Japanese Lunch + 3 Japanese students = pwnage

Another Japanese Lunch! This time, we’ll have 3 special guests from Osaka University of Foreign Studies. Yay.

The university students from Osaka will be here for 2 weeks, and they will be sitting in our japanese class tomorrow :).

School campus is probably the biggest compared to the rest, except for Singapore Poly (due to their hilly location).

Every year, there will be students from Japan coming over for teaching experience. I believe they sit in our Japanese class, and analyze how our sensei teaches :/ It’s quite the defacto thing.

Moegaku Portable 

^ Isn’t she moe? ^^

A fun way for Japanese and (those who play for the heck of it) to learn the English language. Moegaku Portable (PSP Ver), learning english thru that familiar dating sim hybird has been released in the internets. Search around and you might find it.

^ Ingame screenshot. I’ll try to get better ones.

You have cute Tukishima Moe with the super ‘moe’ voice, ‘kawaii’ seifuku (uniform) learning English. You, in the process, learn english phrases as well together with Moe. With such a cuddly moe girl, isn’t it fun? Check out the trailer!

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Digital Hazard

Whilst going through my usual reads, I stumbled (ok, not really) upon ‘Hacking CatBlue: Dynamite <Link>. It was nostalgic as I used to do the same thing. It’s not really hacking. Just that reading beyond what we see. :)

There was a online hacking game(html type if i recall), where you have to actually view the source code of the html page of the game to gather information and hints on how to proceed to the next level. I can’t remember the game name. Anyone has any ideas?

I then came upon ‘Digital Hazard’. It’s a simulation game where you work for a company known as ‘Digital Hazard’, typing commands on your console (looks more like telnet), updating/upgrading password cracking/decrypting tools, network connection speeds etc.

^ Screenshot of Digital Hazard.

The game gets pretty addictive and challenging as you progress deeper into the game. The demo’s on the official site, but you can grab the full version if you search hard enough.


Figurine Modelling Class

Given that I’ll be attending the figurine modelling class once I have 200 dollars, I’ll have to get a kit to start on as well.

I was advised to get something simple.

Main Choices:

Rin Tousaka Swimsuit – 13 parts <Link>

Rin Tousaka Stand on Jade – 20 parts <Link>

On the sidenote, it seems like there is *Metamor Figure Asuka version where her clothes would change from black to translucent white when exposed at certain temperatures.

See picture for more information or <Link>.

Soryu Asuka Langley Volks Ver. (Unassembled Figure) <Link> looks great as well ^^.

Also, it seems like Tukisiro Mina figurine which appeared in television miniseries Densha Otoko has been sold out!

Tukisiro Mina Ver.2 (Unassembled Figure) <Link>

The anime OVA, Getsumen Usagi Heiki Mina will be out in 2007-01

Official Site <Link>

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  1. The Rin in Swimsuit seems to be a good choice. Wish I had the money to actually attend the modelling lessons, but I’m so poor, I can’t really afford it. T_T

    Digital hazzard seems interesting. I think last time I played something like that was erm… What was it called again? Deathball? LoL! Don’t remember.

    Oh? Lunch with the exchange student. Sounds interesting. =)

    I guess for us, Moegaku is more like learning how to read the japanese rather than english. =X

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