Asuka Photoshoot

OK. I headed back down to that spot to do the photoshoot today.

Yes, it’s Pandan Reservior.

Asuka Photoshoot Part 1 – November 03 2006 , 5pm
Asuka Photoshoot Part 2 – November 04 2006 , 10.30am

The reason I headed back there was to span some more shots of which I have missed the day before. :) To take this set of pictures, I placed Asuka on the topmost rocks along the reservior. It was tough though, given that the rocks didn’t have a plateau form, and not much of mesa tops (Flat topped) as well.

Now, let’s see the pictures.

Pictures are taken using a Canon Powershot A540. (Thanks Han Xiang for lending me the camera :) )

^ The cute expression with her tongue sticking out. Cheeky :p.

It’s my first doing a photoshoot and commenting on it ^^.

This figurine is by Amie-Grand and released in October 2006 at 5,800yen. Sculpted by SUZU (ATOMIC-BOM), this is a very lovely figurine of Asuka in summer wear.

Asuka Summer Wear comes with a water bucket, straw hat and a pair of slippers. A plastic transparent blue base came along with it as well. It is a plug type of figurine, where you have a transparent blue rod to hold her. Also, an interesting point to note is that there’s also the interchangeable head, hair (her normal long hair or twin tails/pigtails(?)) and arm parts included to change from her cute expression to the calm facial expression and have her to hold the straw hat on her left hand. Well, it was hard to choose between the two, so I had Asuka to hold the straw hat with her cute expression :)

^ The calm facial expression

There wasn’t much people on a friday evening//saturday morning. If i had took this a day later at around the same time, there would be lots of onlookers wondering what I’m doing.

^ This could make a nice wallpaper whereby you add word on the top or right side.

Ah, the nice scene of which a girl watches the sunset. Twin tail hair over here.

You can see her pale blue swimwear/panties thru her dress ^^.

I particularly like how the back was sculpted. There’s a ribbon there as well, to add to the whole summer wear thing. Her right hand is holding onto her dress. Very nice folds over there.

One thing I didn’t particulary like was that the head part and chest part could not completely fit in, thus leaving a small gap inbetween T__T.

You might also have noticed her hair comes in 2 parts. The fringe and the main portion. It isn’t as fiery red/golden brown(?) as seen in the anime, but that of a more orangish color. It isn’t exactly one of the best, as there are some lines that could be seen. Of course, given that this is a PVC, we can’t complain much :)

Asuka also sports a black band on her left hand.

^ Tsundere expression!

Over here she hold on to her straw hat. It seems that Asuka can’t really hold the straw hat properly at times. I do think it’s because the hat’s rather loose. You can see the transparent blue base over here as well.

Asuka’s holding the water bucket with her calm expression. The handle of the bucket is rather flimsy as well, and it seems to be able to break at any moment.

This looks like a scene where a female character carefullly threads down a flight of stairs or rocks.

Feels abit like Asuka’s crying. One of the sad moments.

And finally a panty shot for all you perverts.

This figurine shines in the overall aesthetics. I do like how Asuka was sculpted. However, the accessories could have been improved. If you do place this on your desk, Asuka fits in perfectly, making a insane of bell-ringer :)

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  1. GJ MAN!
    Nicely shot, I like how you can make the different expressions by interchanging parts and changing your angle and lighting.

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