A trip to Chinatown

(I’m tired!)

(Good Evening Everyone)

(Today’s outing was fun!) (Haha)

(I saw alot of interesting things)

Ok, I don’t know what to write anymore haha.

Today, we had to be tour guides for the 3 Japanese students from Osaka University of Foreign Studies.

The 3 students are Yusuke (裕介) , Hiroko (弘子) and Yukiko (有樹子).

We met up in school, before leaving for Chinatown via the bus and followed by the train.

Haha, I did the “Chinatown によこうぞ” thing as well.

Upon reaching Chinatown, we had lunch over at the local food court (Hawker Centre). The students tried Ban Mee (Noodles) , Popiah with chilli (nfi what it is called in english) , Carrot Cake (Not in a literal sense) and Soy Bean Milk. (All local delicacies)

It was funny when Hiroko tried the carrot cake. She was asking where the carrot was. It was actually in the cake itself.

^ Carrot Cake
Source: Eatbma <Link>

The white squarish-yet-cube-like thing is contains the carrot. It’s fried with eggs. Delicious.

Popiah was rather not to their liking as it was spicy. I guess they eat lots of sweet things over there. :/

Afterwhich, we headed towards Chinatown Heritage Centre. On the way there, we took some pictures.

^ The not so busy street (since it’s a weekday)

^ Pagoda Street (Chinatown Heritage Centre is located along this street)

They tried Bar Kwa (Barbeque pork) and bought Durian sweets for their friends in Japan.

There were T-shirts with the “No smoking fine, No littering fine etc” sign available as well. It was rather funny. There was the fine of $1000 if you do not flush after using the toliet. I wonder how true is that :)

I saw alot of interesting things in the heritage centre. It’s $4 per admission for students, and $5 for them. The heritage centre showcased on the people who saw in Chinatown in the past. Rather nostalgic.

We also visited Sri Mariamman temple. And thereafter, a trip to Vivocity, the largest retail and lifestyle destination at the Harborfront pecinct. We went up to the Sky Garden, where one could have a 180 degrees view of Sentosa.

^ Crappy shot of Sentosa :/

We had drinks at Starbucks and afterwhich, we bought them to Suntec City where they were to meet up with my japanese teacher.

^ (From left to right) Hiroko (弘子), Yukiko (有樹子), Me, Yusuke (裕介)

While having drinks in starbucks, my friends decided to ‘give’ the students english name.

Hiroko is known as Susan. Yukiko as Emily and Yusuke as Henry :p

In exchange, they translated our names into Japanese :)

Mine’s Takeshi (Hiragana – たけし) (Kanji – 武).

Nice name haha. What’s interesting is that the middle word in my chinese name “引” means “To pull” or something like that. In Chinese, it could either be “吸引” (Attract) or “引导” (To lead). They are somewhat similar :)

In summary, I had a fun day today. Although there were times we had a bit of communication breakdown, we somewhat managed to overcome it :)

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  1. ha HA!!! REVEALED AT LAST!!! XD

    Better run, the stalkers are coming @__@…

    *cough* Err… nice trip, must be fun taking foreign students around your city. The Chinatown Heritage center looks interesting =o.

  2. check your jap writing O_o i think theres an error in the first line.
    glad you had fun, we’ll start calling you takeshi now =D

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