Internship thoughts and decisions

I was thinking through on what to do during the final semester of my course (A year from now – oct 2007). The final semester would be over a duration of 6 months (including holidays :/)

It’s the time where either I do an internship with a company (local or overseas) or stay in boring ole’ school to do my in-house project.

In-house projects would probably be a no-no for me (unless I have absolutely no choice). I see the year 3 students standing in the same classroom everyday, staring at the monitor of fate, pleasing it with much tender love and care. It’s kinda like people caged up. Reads B-O-R-I-N-G.

Local attachment/internship would be okay. But it would mean I have to be like a ‘low-level-newly-hired-employee-waiting-to-be-bullied’. That’s from my own twisted point of view however. I don’t really mind internship, but it depends on the company I would be attached with. We have about 400-500 year 2 students in the IT course. Minus away those doing ECAD (E-Commerce Applications development), we have about 200 students remaining? * ECAD is one popular major, at least half of my class  mates are in that major. Having to compete with 200 of those students for work attachments would be tough. (Not excluding those doing in-house) Adding to that, since I am in the networking major, I heard there isn’t much attachment jobs for us, as we require hardware (CISCO 700 dolla routers, switches, etc). We might even end up with jobs that is IT-related, but not that of our major. Meaning I might have to program instead :/ I only know JAVA and basic perl haha. I do not mind web designing however.

Overseas attachment seems ideal. Since it’s 6 months, I rather go overseas. It would be a very good experience. Of course, I’ll have to self-secure a position in a company (which includes calling them up and sending them my portfolio I reckon). Results also play a part in this, which mine aren’t that great :/ I have shortlisted 3 locations, 2 countries.

1. Japan – Tokyo

I heard that someone managed to get attached there. It’s a possibility tbough, so I’m not letting my hopes get too high. It would be rather expensive as well I think. And you do need to be able to speak/write well enough. I have a friend studying there starting march. I’ll wait till after Japanese basic 103 or 104 before deciding.

2. Australia – Sydney or Melbourne

Why these 2 locations? Well, I have relatives/friends over at sydney/melbourne, which makes accomodation easier. Also, I have been to those locations at least twice or more, and stayed in melborune for 10 days. I have cousins studying over there next year as well. There are drawbacks however. Firstly, this means I won’t be able to do JLPT 4 (taking next dec) unless they have places that allow me to take it over there. Also, this would mean 6 months of (physical) isolation from friends, family etc. This would of course bring in new friends during the course of my whole internship. And also I won’t be able to ask for help when I need it. :/

Enough said, these are what I currently think for what’s able to come.

Know your priorities man, know your priorities.

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3 thoughts on “Internship thoughts and decisions”

  1. Go to Japan. Melbourne girls are uninteresting and life style is slow to a crawl.

    Japan has nice jap babes, is the mother home to all animes and figurines and has *** ***.

    Japan 1 – 0 Australia

  2. Japan would be a nice place to work in, but just the general cost in living is pretty high. Unless you plan on eating ramen and bread. Also moving to Japan using anime etc as a reason would be a poor choice.

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