S & SS

^Autumn (Oct) Issue of S

There are many different kinds of anime, manga & game related magazines. The much more well known ones are probably NewType Japan, Megami, Animage etc.

The magazine above, S (I have nfi what it stands for) is one that features artworks, coloring and drawing techniques, anime development work, interviews with creators etc. Each issue also includes a fold-out ‘poster’ somewhere near the start of the issue. Each issue should be released monthy I reckon.

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I like this magazine as it covers different aspects of art. Although mainly on anime & manga artwork, it also has pages of photography art(?) and dollfies as well. There is also introduction to the anime & manga specilization school in Japan.

^ One of the anime/manga school in Tokyo if I recall correctly

^ This one’s in Osaka

The anime development pages are really neat. One such example would be

where they showcase episode 12 of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (Concert ep) and the frames used for Haruhi’s facial expression when she’s singing God Bless.

There are also mini-guides on eye CG coloring and copic markers usage. The last 10-15 pages of each issue also features the art illustrations by various people, professional and amatuer. Short novels/manga(s) are also in the package as well.


SS (Short Ends(?))

There is also SS (sister maganize i think) (nfi what’s it’s full name either), which focuses on anime and manga artworks, drawing and coloring techniques. Same as S, it showcases better artworks in the front and the illustrations by various people at the back. SS is released on a quarterly basis.

^ One of the better illustrations shown at the first few pages

^ Art drawing techniques

^ Black & White art illustrations

^ Short manga

SS is kinda like a magazine to refer to when you are lacking in inspiration on what to draw. Many different styles of drawings to study from as well.

I like these magazines as compared to Newtype Japan or Megami. Why? It is as this isn’t like a anime news magazine. Instead, it specializes on anime and manga drawings and sutff. Also, it has some very high quality pictures and also exposes you to different arts as well.

Somehow, I feel that this magazine is kinda like a guide for those who would like to start on anime/manga drawing.


 I do apologize for the lousy picture quality. I had to increase the constast and brightness of the pictures by 90 via irfanview. It was rather dark and in addition my shadow was looming over, which made the pictures turn out bad.













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  1. Juice Avatar

    Thats alot of pictures you took. Argh, too bad we had to alight the bus that day and didn’t have chance to finish reading the book.

  2. icie Avatar




    It should be noted firstly:

    Same company.
    ss is a sub-page of s, so probably just a more specialised version of s?

    And ss is taking illustration submissions from worldwide! Do some submitting!

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  4. […] my anime merchandise is more or less kept. Newtype USA, Newtype Japan, Megami, Etsu, S & S.S etc. Don’t really purchase most of the magazines except for S & S.S […]

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