Language , a form of communication protocal used between 2 parties. One that allows relationships to be built or broken. One that pushes us beyond our very own limits. New experiences, new people, new environment. Or is it merely for survival? How far can we go with this communication protocol? How does our brain process such complex terms and emotions that link to it?

What sparks interest in a language? Is it pop culture? Music culture? Fashion? Visual arts?  Or just plain fiery passion to learn the language to communicate?

Danny from did a neat post on “Learn Japanese”. It explains on the very root of that curiousity and enthusiasm, moving onto the process, and the results and achievements.

Read his blog entry <Link>

 I never did questioned why I would like to learn a new language. I guess it’s mostly pure interest. and the culture that is linked to it. Also, learning it would enable proper communication with those on the other side (in the other country). On IRC, we have people from all walks of life (and countries). France, Holland, Kyoto, London, Orleans, Russian, Tibet, etc. Yet, we communicate using the ‘standard’ langauge, English. I believe that in order to completely understand a country’s culture, one needs to know it’s language. Take Singapore for example, we have ‘singlish’ (creole, mixture of languages).

Lah, Lor, Leh etc, are discourse particles at the end of sentences. Jokes and puns require knowledge of singlish and probably malay, hokkien, cantonese etc. Many (foreigners) think that just by adding a ‘ah’or ‘Loh’ at the end of each sentece, they will be speaking singlish. Unfortuntely, I’m afriad you’re wrong.

So, what made me take up Japanese? I guess it was the desire to be a mangaka (manga creator/author) or a anime character developer. Why the interest in anime? It’s probably because it’s moe (cute), ever-ready refreshing and lots of fun to watch. An online friend of mine told me “Hey, let’s study Japanese and be involved in anime creation in one way or another”. We had similar interest in anime. And from that day, I somehow swore to work in Japan one day. He’s studying in Japan starting next march.

However, living in Japan wouldn’t be an easy task. Given that it’s ‘the most difficult language to pick up’ , I believe it would take lots of hardwork and passion to get there. It is the same with other languages as well. Each having it’s own form of difficulties. Yet, during the process of learning, we find satisfication as we continue to improve, just like how a small kid smiles with each step he/she take, or how one reaches orgasm and wants it again.

Having said this, what is your desire? Lust? Passion?

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