YUI – Rolling Star PV out!

Yay! As seen from the title, YUI – Rolling Star PV (Bleach ‘s 5th OP) is out!

It was broadcasted on Japan’s Space Shower TV during a thirty minitues program beginning at midnight.

『Rolling star』のMUSIC VIDEO。

Source: YUI-net, Staff report <Link>

People who can’t read Japanese can also view Gin’s fansite which includes translations of YUI’s diary and the staff report.

Yes, it was on short notice, but a bit of Rolling Star’s new Music Video premiered on Mezamashi TV yesterday. What a reaction we got! Thanks for the compliments! Aaaaand complaints. Yeah. Some people didn’t see the premiere because of said short notice. Sorry.

Source: Blue Wind <Link>

Also, the lyrics and translations for Rolling Star is out as well. There is a ‘song rip from the video’ on the internets as well :)

Rolling Star Pictures

Lyrics and Translations on Blue Wind <Link>

Rolling Star PV Download <Link>

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