Individual Thinking v.s Influence

N.H.K ep 19 fitted in nicely with the topic that I’ve been pondering for the past few days.

For a while, I have been thinking… Influence v.s Individualistic thinking, ok scatch that. I don’t really have a definite phrase for the topic.

NHK 19 flawlessly pointed out the reality of the world v.s ‘quick-way-to-earn’ money (e.g. MLM, RMT (Real Money Trading)). I got foolishly involved in MLM once, though I don’t wish to talk about it.

People have individual ideals. What are ideals? A conception of something in its absolute perfection? Or an honorable or worthy principle or aim? It could be an ultimate object of endeavor; a goal even. During the world wars, I believe the opposing/defending countries each had ideals of which they wish to protect/execute. However, are these ideals accepted in the world?

Many have ideals they wish to fulfill, but how many give up when the going gets tough? How many would admint it is impossible to grasp hold of a small bit of it even? How many would admit they were wrong?

Egos, a consciousness of your own identity. It’s like a double edged sword. It helps and hurts you. Egos, something that *might* overwrite all external influences, unless overwhelmed by a greater ego or external influence. Ego either breaks you apart, or patches you up even tighter.

Influences play a role in everyday life. It either conflicts with individual thinking or flows with it. Just like ego, it is a double edged sword. Influences might be lies that brainwash individual thinking, or it could be the truth, allowing the expansion of one’s individual thinking.

Yet, do we filter out these bad influences and thinking? Or do we readily accept it? Selective selection even? I believe, it’s one’s decision and choice that would bring about learning. We make a bad decision, we screw up, get fvcked over, learn from it. A common phrase “Life does not have a second chance” makes people fearful of the decision one would make, thinking “Would I screw up just like the previous time? Would this be sucessful? Getting it wrong again would embarrass me” In my opinion, Life does have a second chance, but that is to a certain extent.

Humans make this embarrassing defective judgement known as a mistake. We make a mistake, learn, carry on. I like this phrase “One that is fortunate, would be one that have learnt the mistakes made in the past, and not to repeat them again” This would be much better than one that does not know about the mistake made, and repeatly makes it. You can see that good external influence would have to enter into wrong/twisted individual thinking correct the mistake made.

One might argue that “One that doesn’t make mistakes at all would be most fortunate”, however, this is reality, evolution based on mistakes learnt. This might also lead to “Not knowing the mistake even after making it”. Avoidance of such is near impossible.

So, what’s the conclusion? I don’t have a definite answer, but for what I do know, a nice balance between individual thinking and influence should be applied. Make a mistake, learn from the good external influence/thinking, change, carry on.

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  1. I think I’m more of an individualist. I don’t really like to change my mind once I decided on something.

    Then again influence-wise, I suppose I do get influence sometimes. Then again, human always seeks advice and help from people when they are confused because they can’t think straight and needs someone neutral to do it for them.

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