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Egames assignment was a sucess (It’d better be, given the amount of effort placed into it and missing hours of sleep). Lecturer was pretty much impressed with it.

“The flow of the video was well done and nicely presented. There was only one shortcoming, which was the tone of the game. Is it a serious or a fun kind of game?”

He said something like that if I recall.

^ One of the sketches included in the video

For those who do like to view the video, drop a comment and I’ll try to get back to you.

I’m currently looking into 2 projects.


– WordPress theme development
– Japanese Blog

WordPress theme development – Basically to create wordpress themes on my own so as to be able to understand and improve my coding skills.

Japanese Blog – Eat, drink, sleep, dream Japanese. An movement to improve my proficiency in that language. This would mean a seperate blog written in Japanese.

And oh, do not attempt rushing an assignment throughout the entire night. It screws your body clock and you waste the next day getting back into pace.

My grammer is failing :(

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  1. Good to see you finally finished. I’d like to see the video you produced. A group member from my project did a intro video for our presentation and it gave the reviewers a good impression at the start.

    WP theme dev huh. I’m thinking of going into web dev as well as I’ve seen a few web dev jobs lately, so I may change towards that for a career rather than just a developer.

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