Gothic Dress Devil Girl

E2046 is having it’s Gathering thing.

It seems like Gothic Dress Devil Girl (Pre-painted) ver is a hit amongst figurine collectors. There’s only 8 left in stock over at e2046 at the time of posting. There was 9 a few hours back.

I’m really tempted to get this… But it’s 120.40 USD! (184SGD). Very high quality stuff.

I guess I’ll wait for a recast or get the resin kit and paint her.

Resin kit is at 32.24USD after a very nice 45% discount! There’s currently only one person that ordered the kit (not me).

Gothic Dress Devil Girl (Pre-Painted) <Link>

Gothic Dress Devil Girl (White Resin) <Link>

I have also started on a bit of development work today. Installed XAMPP Lite in order to play around wordpress without anyone looking at the strange mistakes made, meaning it’s all localhost :p No screens for now as I have just started.

^ Click to view a meaner and larger image

Oh, and is having a wallpaper showing Rin’s skirt and legs really weird? During Egames presentation last friday, I had to use my laptop to present and my (ex)classmates saw the wallpaper and started to comment on it and stuff. It’s a wallpaper ffs! h well, it pwns yours that’s for sure 🙂

Zettai ryouiki pwns j00 lame wallpapers.

Zettai ryouiki – 1 , You – 0







3 responses to “Gothic Dress Devil Girl”

  1. bj0rN Avatar

    OMG! Send me that too! I wanna mess around my wordpress. And yeah, I wanted to get tt Gothic Girl too. All I have is a picture of her.

  2. Keith Tan Avatar

    gothic lolitas… my favourite.

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