Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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I just finished watching Honey & Clover II. It’s a great series, seriously. A anime that portrays the daily lifes of a group of art students. One could easily relate to the characters in the series, maturing and moving towards the light. Just like reality tv series (similar yet different), we often see others with similar characteristics.

The character development in Honey & Clover is expectionally good. Each character given sufficient air time to grow, cry and all that. Besides the emo stuff, there is also comical segments that were really well done and also when everyone comes together and pla. I do feel that I missed out some of these parts, desperately trying to search for it. Yet, sometimes we do look too far beyond, missing out the little details and joys that are right under our noses.

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I do think I relate to Kaoru (Morita’s brother) very well. Unable to let go of the past and head to the light was one of the weaknesses I had. It was a eye-for-an-eye thing, in which I had sunk into so deeply, that there was only darkness surrounding me. It was only till then, that we realize the mistakes we carelessly made.

The live movie has been out in Japan for quite a few months. I hope it gets ported over here, or in the worse case, got to buy the DVD for it :/

Cynthia wrote an entry about the beautiful world she lives in, there a segment about me too!

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Thanks Cynthia.

But somehow, I think I’m playing a very dangerous game of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

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