Akihabara News & Dannychoo.com Web HDTV Pilot Episode

Daimaou from Akihabara News <Link> and Danny from Dannychoo.com <Link> met up to do a internet show. This is the first internet show they have made, which is kinda rough-around-the-edge, nervous-ness and stuff that. As the weather has been really lousy/bad(?), which means that the first episode had to be taken in Danny’s living room. The torrent file for the HDTV can be found in this post <Link>.

On a scale of 10, I would probably give a 7.5 . The first episode start off rather well. However, I do feel that there are many points in which can be improved. I’ll talk about them below.

As a start, I think that having a white wall as the background would be a much better choice as opposed to window panes, figurines on glass panes and stuff. This is essential as it reduces the number of distractions which take the viewer away from the main characters,which in this case are Daimaou and Danny.

I have editted the above picture, and changed it to a ‘what-I-think-would-be-better’.

^ My poor photoshop skills ^__^|

This is often used on TV (I think). The glass table in the original seems rather low and you will have to bend your arm to grab hold of the figurines/gunpla. Whereas, if the table is of a higher height and longer length, one would not have to do much hand/gesture movements to grab what is on the table.

The TV could have been placed somewhat above the table. where it is in the zone of the eye-height (I don’t know how to explain this one). A static image, a nice logo of Akihabara News or Dannychoo.com could be shown on the TV instead of a looping Ridge racer video.

Danny seemed rather nervous(?) as a lot of “eh / ehm” could be heard. Daimaou was well composed but there are parts where he seems to interrupt Danny whilst he is talking. A short script could be written where both characters would know when or when not to speak. 

There are probably other things which can be improved on but I’ll leave it for future episodes.

Anyway, good work Daimaou and Danny! :D

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