Local Maid Cafe Opening News

“They have finally made their move”

“Why, yes they have”

“Strategy Forward Intrusion activated”


It seems like the maid cafe is opening on the 12th of december (Tuesday)

The cafe would be located over at

30 Victoria Street #01-11 CHIJMES

A good location I would say, as it is walking distance from most of the ‘anime otaku’ stores.

I’ll probably check it out either on tuesday after my networking paper, or friday afternoon.

I do hope they dress up in lolita fashion or maid style uniforms (french maid!) 🙂

Source: SGCafe <Link>

Viva la Maido Revolution!






2 responses to “Local Maid Cafe Opening News”

  1. Tanarri Avatar

    pics or no more comment >:0

  2. alafista Avatar

    I think its a good idea that they decided to open it at CHIMJES … gives it a better image

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