Comiket 71

Comiket 71 is drawing near! It’s Winter Comiket a.k.a Fuyucomi!

For those who do not know what comiket is

Comiket, otherwise known as the Comic Market or CM, is the world’s largest comic convention, held twice a year in Tokyo, Japan. The first CM was held in December 1975, with only about 30 participating circles and an estimated 700 attendees. Attendance has since swelled to over a quarter of a million people. The convention lasts for three days. It is a grassroots, DIY effort for selling dōjinshi, self-published Japanese works. As items sold in CM are considered very rare (because dōjinshi are seldom reprinted), some items sold at CM can be found in shops or on the Internet at prices up to 10 times the item’s original price.

The continuing operation of CM is the responsibility of the Comic Market Preparatory Committee (CMPC).

Source: Wikipedia <LInk>

Well, is anyone going for this one?

^ Tokyo Big Sight, Odaiba, Tokyo

Comiket 71
Dates: Dec 29-31, 2006
Time:10:00 ~ 16:00
Location: Tokyo Big Sight Halls East 1-2-3-4-5-6 West 1-2-3-4; Ariake 3-21-1, Koto-ku, Tokyo

The location is the same as always, over at Tokyo Big Sight (Winter),on December 29,30,31 in 2006. This year’s comiket is a little odd, as it finishes on New Year’s eve. After which, there is Shogatsu (New Year) which is the most important holiday in Japan and most businesses would be closed from January 1 to January 3, and families spend time together. There is also special dishes to be eaten as well, such at Osechi ryori, otoso and ozoni.

Okay, I went abit off track there ^^.

I guess it would be cold over at comiket as it’s winter, so people who are going, do wear sufficient clothes and at least a mode of transportation home as it would be very very very crowded (New Year’s eve). You could probably grab one or two extras and hide them under your clothes :p

The catalog for C71 is out on the internets as well. I do see a couple of interesting stuff. Too bad I can’t attend any for these events as I’m not in Japan. Give me 5 more years :)


[Moe]_Comic_Market_71_CD-ROM_Catalogue.rar <LInk>

No HTTP downloads for this one.

Enjoy then!

Tokyo Big Sight (eng) <Link>

Comiket (eng) <Link>

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  1. Well I’m sure you know by now, though I went last year to C69, and it was absolutely the BEST THING EVER! Such a shame I can’t go this year.

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