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The long awaited maid cafe has finally opened it doors! Situated in CHIJMES, I headed down together with bj0rn to check how it is coming along. Apparently, it is the soft-opening (meaning for family and friends to visit) and so it wasn’t really officially opened. Press release would be this Friday or Sunday (Can’t remember which day!). There wasn’t anyone in the meido uniform yet, and most of the stuff are still being shiffted around.

Location wise, I do think CHIJMES would do good. Why? It’s located just opposite Raffles City, although the rent is rather on the expensive side. Mini-akihabara (a.k.a Sunshine Plaza) is also located about 10 minutes walk from the cafe.

There wasn’t much to see on the first day, given it’s soft opening. We managed to have a word with the managing director, Mr Floyd. He at a worried look on his face at first, when he saw that I was carrying a DSLR camera. He approached us and asked

“Are you guys from any clubs? Like SGCafe or Tsubasa Shirou (Think the name is spelt as that) or something like that?”

“Oh no. We’re just ordinary folks that heard of the opening of the cafe”

“Ah ok, well, today’s actually the soft opening”

(Conversation went somewhat like this)

It was originally to be opened in Far East, but it seems that they managed to grab a nice location in CHIJMES.

I’ll be heading back there again probably either this friday or sunday (can’t remember which day!) , where it’s the press release and everyone comes snapping pictures of their maids like no tomorrow :)

Cosafe Maid Cafe

Location: 30 Victoria Street
#01-11 CHIJMES
Singapore 187996

Pictures of two cosplayers that were there as well.

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  1. hi ,

    hi i am looking fot the cafe n will like to know what kind of food you all serving .. cox i will like to celebrate my anniversary over there ….hope to get ur respone

  2. Went to this cafe twice in the last 2 days. Got some great food, I had pizza, also some really nice deserts and drinks. It’s a shame I dont live in Singapore because I would go here everyday. The service is really good too.

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