Mabinogi: Nao Photoshoot

Okay, yes I do know that this figurine has been long released. Many would have photoshoots of Nao as well. But I decided to do this one anyway. :)

This figurine is by Good Smile Factory and released on January 25 2006 at 4,001yen. Sculpted by Hiro, this is a very highly detailed figurine that is absolutely top-notch.

Nao comes with a long rod/staff and a nice pastel colored pink base. It has a screw-type of base of which holds her down firmly. I am not worried about this figurine bending as it’s center of gravity is pretty much near the center. The staff that comes along with it can be easily slotted through Nao’s hands. You can also place other stuff (so long she can grasp it). I especially like this figurine as

1.) Very nice paint work
2.) Cute expression
3.) Nice curves

Now, let’s see the pictures :)

The weather was terrible today, it rained late afternoon till about 9 in the evening. I originally had plans to do a outdoor shoot for Nao, but seems like this indoor shoot is equally good.

^ Nao’s staff. I wished it was cooler though

^ Black ribbons and twin tails = FTW

I really like the hair flow for this one. Nicely tied up and colored.

^ Absolutely cute :)

^ Flowery pattern nicely laid out.

This figurine doesn’t have much embroideries, which is actually good. Keep it simple, clean and neat :)


Dark colored sockings. Good tones on it.


One of the worthy things to note about this figurine would be the translucent dress. It brings out a certain attractiveness which I can’t explain :/

Platform shoes. I still do see people wearing these in real life.


^ Remove the staff and throw in a MD remote. Try to guess what the song is :)

^ Place Nao on your work/study desk and have her hold the remote. I think I should have placed the MD on the cradle.

^ Enemy pig found! *Plays battle theme*

^ Hmm, what’s this I see? *uses the staff to whack ^^:

^ A bit of sad expression kind of pose.

Location of Photoshoot

I actually did this one in the kitchen. On the selves (Is that what they are called? I can’t remember) between the washing basin and the stove. Switched off the main lights and threw in the spot lights. It got kinda hot after some shoots though ^^;

 Camera Set-up

Canon Digital EOS 400D + EF-S18-55mm lens (standard len that came with the kit). Shot using manual mode, with ISO at 200 and exposure at 1.1

I’ll upload the high resolution pictures at a later part, as those are really big. About 40 times bigger (filesize wise) compared to what’s seen over here :)

4 thoughts on “Mabinogi: Nao Photoshoot”

  1. Hmm. The near shots are quite terrible since it’s really blur. Perhaps you didnt have the macro settings right?

    Most of the pictures are kinna blurry. I wonder why? But really unique with the MD. That’s something new.

  2. @bj0rn: I don’t have macro lens to do clear shots :) I just started using the camera anyway, still kinda experimenting with the settings. Also, I think it is kinda blur as it was resized.

  3. If you want to have a clearer background, try setting the F stop at a higher value. Meaning the aperture will be smaller and the shutter speed slower. So you will need a tripod if possible, or just place the camera on something.

    Perhaps I should do a gallery shoot of Nao, but not until I clear my current backlog of figures. Also you have a nice kitchen.

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