Back to Basics Part 4

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School assignments have kept me from drawing for a month :( I’ll probably have more time to dedicate into drawing since the two weeks break just started today.

I think this one is pretty well done, except for probably the hair is seems to be rather weird. What do you guys think?

Critique needed for improvements :)

4 thoughts on “Back to Basics Part 4”

  1. no no! I like the hair! I love it it matches her face proportions. I really like it, the way you draw is just sugoi. Seriously I wish I could draw at this lvl. Really thank you for all the guide links you provided, I’m still practising though im not that good at all heh. Your work looks awesome, you got yourselfs a new fan if thats okay with you.

    Hmm harsh critiqs you want.. its hard specially since im just a newb .. hmm hmm only the finger tips are bit pointy for me but that could be normal cause fingernails from girls are often punty so not sure if it was ment that way or not.

    Thats the only thing I could make that would sound like critique cause the whole drawing itself looks pwntastic, keep it up – can’t wait to see more!!

    Gambatte ne!

  2. Why no eyes ar? I realise all my friends who draw comics don’t draw eyes for their characters. Woot. You’d be a master if you know how to draw their eyes… =)

  3. @Moon Goddess: There are no eyes because he will be painting them on digitally. I suppose. :)

    Yes I do agree that the hair is a bit weird. And your hair is like a little too neat? A bit of unrealistic feeling. Then again, I am no artist. So I’m just giving my humble comments if you do not mind.

    But yes you do draw quite well~ But the chin is too pointed! NOO!

    Where are the links you provided to drawing? I want them too!

  4. Konichiwa desu! ^^

    yay! it’s another of your works nya!

    heh…i too agree that the hair is a little weird, i guess the problem lies that u drew the hair is too “high” and made the character’s head too big….imo

    as for the rest, it’s well done….there’s not much faults found there too…..

    looking forward for the completed piece of this work desu~ ^^

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