Passion – Eminence Concert

It has probably been a long time since I’ve been to a concert, or one that would interest me. The concert entitled ‘Passion’ by Eminence was awesome. The aura and emotions that surrounded the musicians and flowed through the concert hall seemed endless. I felt captured in their web of music. I was there with my friend, Chong. We met up

Familiar Game and Anime soundtracks was played and 2 classical pieces were snuck in as well. I’ll bring up scans of the booklet in a while. The orchestra’s vision is to ‘inject something bold, dynamic and fresh into classical music’ and of which, to break the barriers between the audience and the musicians, and to revive orchestra in today’s society; particularly amongst youth.

The concert also featured music from games including Chrono Cross, Xenosaga, Super Mario Bros etc. Anime pieces selected come from Laputa: Castle in the sky ,Haibane Renmei, Tsubasa Chronicle and .hack//Liminality.

Now, the instruments and their people playing it. Ayako Ishikawa (she’s really beautiful) and Hiroaki Yura (the founder of Eminence) on the violin. Natalia Raspopova (She’s plays the piano really really well!) on the piano, Joshua Hill on percussion and Zane Banks (He’s only 20!) on the guitar. Yasunori Mitsuda as the special guest of honor playing the Irish Bouzouki <Link>. It was also Mr Yasunori Mitsuda’s first time in Singapore. He said that he had always wanted to take a look at the Merlion :)

The concert last for roughly 2 hours, with an 20 mins intermission after the 1st hour. During the intermission, previous works of the artists were on sale. Many people rushed like mad to grab a copy, and most were sold out pretty quick. After the concert, people literally rushed out after having heard that there will be a autograph signing session. I wasn’t too concerned with the autography signing as I only wanted photos of the artists :)

As usual with other concerts, there will be ‘elitists” that would comment on how the musicians played. I overheard this one guy telling his group of friends “I was expecting more. They played the simplified version of the song! She played wrong notes! I could play better than he/she!” and sort of bullshit like that. I was totally disgusted with such. Having such great composers and musicians over to this tiny little red dot was probably what one couldn’t dream of in the past, and now you’re bitching like a music expert. Retarded I tell ya.

Anyway, pictures below.

^ Minutes before the autograph signing session

^ Mr Yasunori Mitsuda, the great man himself

^ Joshua Hill, great percussionist. He gave Chong his namecard :)

^ Ayako Ishikawa, the beautiful lady herself! (Violin)

^ Zane Banks, plays good guitar.

^ Hiroaki Yura, founder of Eminence (Violin)

I couldn’t get a good photo of the pianist, Natalia Raspopova :/

^ The only group shot we’re allowed to take as the musicians are tired.

Do note that the photos have been photoshopped to adjust the brightness, contrast and picture curves.

Bio of the musicians below.

As scanned from the booklet.

Oh, and we saw ‘Stormtrooper(s) in Singapore’ before the concert :) Clones!

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  1. It’s Windbell!!! =P

    It a shame there isn’t any concerts here that feature game music, shame really. Those “elitist” bastards obviously never played professionally and in front of an audience before. They can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk?

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