2006 December – Singapore

Currently home alone, whilst my parents are in China visiting my relatives. It’s fun, but somewhat weird. I get alot of time to myself to think, yet, without random interruptions, it really pushes the limit of keeping my sanity in check.

I have been reading on media storage devices, audio and video formats etc. Mostly nerdy stuff. Did the Jung personality test as well, and yes, I am a INTP. But your personality type will change overtime. Somehow I think I’m more of a INFP and used to be in the Exxx type :/ Read on the personality types here <Link>

Ok, off with the personal stuff and back to the main ones.

Lots of photos

Christmas Trees

Taken on Christmas Day, whilst walking from City Hall all the way to Takashimaya, Orchard. The pink Christmas tree is really cool. Very refreshing color (at the first glance :) )


I really like the one on the right. Very retro-ish :)

Landscapes (?)


Macro (?)

I have no idea why I took a photo of a vase with sun rays being reflected. Abstract?

Fruits on the plate is my first few takes on macro photography, same goes for the flower.


Those are the photos I have taken on 25th, 29th, 30th December resepctively. There are indeed many failed experiments. Blurred images, shaky hands, under/over exposed pictures etc. Taken using manual mode on the EOS 400D. I am still a amateur photographer :)

Critique needed for improvements :)

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  1. Nice photos, nice camera. I like how you have an assortment of the different types of Christmas trees. Some creative work on the part of tree makers there.

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