End of Year Gathering : Meido Cafe Hangout

This year’s end of year/ new year eve was rather different for me. Usually, It would either be gatherings at my aunt’s place or spending it alone. This year’s was special. Well, I met up with a couple of local animebloggers and we headed to Cosafe to celebrate the New Year.

There were lots of people, LOTS over in the city. The train stations were full packed and the security had to usher people out of the station. I managed to grab bjorn out of the crazy crowd down there, met up with eugene and headed to the maid cafe before meeting up with the rest. A few of these guys are regulars to the cafe :O

We sat and chilled out. Played a couple of card games and there was supposedly inter-table balloon game competition where 2 people from each table are to blow balloons, whilst the rest from each table are to only assist in tying the balloons. The table with the most balloons within 1 minute wins something. The game got cancelled as we used blew the balloons up and popped them to scare people and have fun :)

The maids also dressed up in different costumes. There was Misa from Death Note, Seifuku, some others which I cannot identify. I wonder if they only dress up in different costumes for special occasions or would it be a daily thing.

I had Root Beer Float. It was supposedly to come with vanilla ice-cream, but I found out that they ran out of that, so in replacement, I had chocolate ice-cream instead. A new taste perhaps :)

Note: Pictures that do not have watermark do not belong to me. They belong bjorn.

^ Party Spray Streams on our table. We got sprayed by the maids pretty badly :p

There was also a small countdown as well. Our table was (unfortunately or fortunately) the target of the maids. They were well-armed with party poppers, sprays, whilst we had a pathetic party spray. It was pretty fun though, we had most of the attention to our table :P There were lots of balloon bursting as well. Fun? Yes, it definitely was.

^ Bursting a balloon using fingernails.

^ Think I snapped this picture as the balloon in her hands got popped.

^ The blue streams of party spray. Someone photoshop this pic and add a HUD and damage indicator! Make it look like we’re being “attacked” :p

The pubs and cafes around were also singing songs and stuff as well. Guess everyone was in the mood :) We ordered a jug of beer and shared it amongst the 8-9 of us to celebrate the new year as well. I had a glass, and could feel some effects of the alcohol, but it died out pretty quickly.

^ All of us on the table got hit. 

^ Even the trees aren’t spared!

^ Bjorn with his new hairdo.

^ Owner’s the female. A group photo before we left. 

Going back home was tough though. We missed the last train (extended till 1.30am) and wanted to take a taxi back. Terrible thing is, 90% of the taxis had “ON CALL” signs on their windscreen. Many people were in the same situation, desperately flagging for taxis to get home. There were also drunkards around, wishing people “HAPPY NEW YEAR” and stuff.

In the end, I took the NightRider bus service (A alternative to taking a taxi ride home) at a price of 3 dollars. I was a first for me, pretty interesting experience though. The bus journey took about an hour, going through the city area, before heading to the west side. Afterwhich, I took a 15 mins walk home from the bus stop, as the NR bus routes are pretty limited as compared to the normal bus services routes.

An pretty interesting new year’s eve I guess. Beats staying at home chatting on IRC :)

Oh, and now 4 of us bloggers have similar posts. Gay :p

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