‘New’ Message Ringtone

I like my new message ringtone/alert. It rocks.


Every time I receive a text message, it goes

“あ! メールを来てる。どれどれ?” In a moe voice.

“Ah! A new mail! Who (Which(?)) is it? *sarcastic tone* ”


Grab the ringtone here <Link>

Note: Translation might be off. Since 「どれ」 means “Which”, but in this case, “Which” sounds rather weird. I don’t know about this one :/

It’s actually from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien 「君が望む永遠」 or Kimibou 「君望」 for short game DVD’s omake folder. It’s meant for Windows system sound 「Windowsシステム音声」. But somehow it doesn’t seemed to be very much suitable for that. You might recognize that character’s voice. Yes, it’s Akane 「茜」 character voice :)

This makes a very unique tone, as compared to the usual melodic ringing, , generic ringtones you hear. It’s almost funny, when someone receives a message, and a couple of people reach out to check their phones.Of course, it gets kinda irritating if you keep receiving messages 16438 times an hour, otherwise, I think it’s pretty cool.

You could also try using Homer Simpson’s signature grunt “D’OH!” instead. Or some other nice voice message tones. Just remember, set the message alert tone volume to that of a reasonable one (Max level isn’t reasonable) , and not one that would disturb people around you that you’d risk getting bashed :)

EDIT: Atachi says it sounds like “dore dore” due to her accent. I don’t know man

18 thoughts on “‘New’ Message Ringtone”

  1. Mizu-chan love!! Her voice is amazing.

    By the way, ‘dore dore’ is idiomatic in a ‘let’s see’ kinda way, like “Let’s see who/what it is!” Oh, and you got the kana after ‘mail’ wrong too, just a heads up ;)

    (I’m not the grammar police, I swear!)

  2. I have the Asadayo sound file as my message ringtone. It’s quite awesome actually and I could even use it as an alarm.

  3. Ya, it does sound like “dore dore”, but other than that it’s a nice ringtone indeed.

    I used Adun’s “asadayo” ringtone as my alarm for my cell… needless to say, I forgot to reset the alarm to the proper time and it went off during a lecture

  4. @Alafista: Haha. No worries.

    @Puri: Thanks for the head up! :) Which kana is wrong? Isn’t 「を」 correct?

    @Adun: Can you share it? Haha

    @Hijiko: A classmate used the akane ringtone and it was set in maximum volume :)

  5. Puri is right. “Dore” doesn’t only mean which. It acts as “Well”, or “Let’s see”, like Puri said. So.. yeah.

    And yeah. It’s “me-ru ga kiteru”, “me-ru wo kiteru” is wrong by the way.

    BTW, thanks for sharing this. :D Where do you guys get these stuff? I wanna find one too!

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