Tohsaka Rin Plush Toy

A friend of mine bought this Rin Plushie during the KKnM 50% discount sale. I had forbid myself from purchasing anything during the sale due to the lack of finances.

Introducing Tohsaka Rin 「遠坂 凛」 Plush(ie) version!

^ Rin goes “I am boss. All your bases are belongs to me”

Tohsaka Rin 「遠坂 凛」 is a character from the Fate/Stay Night series. She’s a model student and idol of Shirou’s school, but is also a sorceress and Master in the Holy Grail War. She could be better known for her ‘Tsundere’  「ツンデレ」 personality.

She ‘smokes’ in this version, which makes it rather cute haha. Just like a female gang leader or something. Where are her minions? We lest to know.

The cigarette is made out of sponge and there’s velco on the other end to stick it to Rin’s face.

It could be better if there was puffs of smoke coming out from the end of the cigarette :)

She wears stockings as well. The stockings are removable, but we prefer our zettai ryouiki don’t we :)

^ Nice ribbons

Place it on the bed and it looks real cool. And cute as well :) Grab a saber plush toy and place it beside Rin is increase the cool factor!

Somehow this post reminds me of the above picture :) And also the one where Rin goes “Smoking is bad” when she has a cigarette in her mouth. XD

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