34 People CS Shootout

Okay, seems that there are already 3 blogs that have covered the CS Battle Royale part of the event. I’ll do a very (very) brief coverage of that and go on to the Maid Cafe part.

The group photo of the invisible 34! Not all were in the photo though as they had to leave early.

Firstly, thanks Tj_han from RIUVA <link> for being the organizer of this event. Also, the anibloggers that did adverts on their blogs to attract a nice number of 34 people. There are many new faces as well, of which I can’t remember most of their names.

Alright, now for the Maid Cafe segment.

We split into smaller groups after the event, whereby those who had to leave left whilst a small remainder of the invisible 34 stormed towards the Maid Cafe.

^ The sad remainder of us.

Most of the maids knocked off at around 11pm, so there were only 3 maids remaining. There wasn’t much people there as well.

^ Over here we discussed our battle plans.

We had milkshakes, root beer float (they had Vanilla Ice cream in stock this time :) ) and fries/potato wedges whilst playing card games. The unfortunate lot of us that were sitting near bj0rn had to listen to his ‘tragic Romeo and Juliette-sequel love epic’ as quoted from TJ. The epic battle of JanKenpon (Scissors Paper Stone).

^ His ‘l33t’ serving skills. That’s why you can’t see his hands :p

Shiachan had to serve us drinks as part of the penalty during the card game.

^ TJ and gang asking Floyd for a penalty suggestion as they lost as well.

Their penalty? It was to provide service and massage to a selected person. Lian was chosen at first, but he chickened out and I was forced into the role :/

^ Bj0rn’s photographing skills are terrible :p

I was the unfortunate victim of their massage. I wished for kawaii female maids instead OTZ

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10 thoughts on “34 People CS Shootout”

  1. The meido’s were shacked out after conducting the 冥土の籠手 challenge for the birthday boy. That’s why they left early…

    But Sheena was still there right?

  2. LIES! I bet there were l33t pictures but you took the shitty one to mock me. Anyway, you got raped at such a rapid speed, so fast and furious, even your camera can’t keep up.

  3. If i knew that you guys were going to the Maid cafe I would have stayed….I havent been in there before although I heard that its very ex. ;_;

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