Whilst on the channel today, a fellow channeler posted a danbooru link of a Shortcuts (manga) page. Reminiscence of that familiar manga, of which I thoroughly enjoyed.


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Shortcuts 「ショートカッツ」 is a comedy manga by Usamaru Furuya, who explores the Japanese fascination with kogals (high school girls) in this collection of bizarre shorts. Released in two volumes and originally published in Young Sunday magazine, each volume contains approximately one hunderd ‘cuts’ spanned over one or two pages. Besides it’s primary theme of Japanese kogal and youth culture, it is tackled with the heavy usage of visual jokes, black humor and sex comedy.

What are Kogals then?

Kogal (コギャル kogyaru in romaji (romanised Japanese) is a subculture of girls and young women in urban Japan, one of several types of so-called gals. They are characterized by conspicuously displaying their disposable income through distinctive tastes in fashion, music, and social activity. In general, the kogal “look” roughly approximates a United Kingdom Chav or sun-tanned California Valley girl, and indeed, the similarities between the two extend to the linguistic, for both subcultures have derived entire sets of slang terms (コギャル語 “ko-gyaru-go”). Kogals are not to be confused with the ganguro subculture, although they are similar.

Source: Wikipedia <Link>

Do note the last sentence. Kogals != Ganguro

A rip of one of the ‘shorts’ :)

There were scans on the internets a few months back, but it seemed to have disappeared.

HTTP Download

Shortcuts (56.0MB, WinRAR)

Be it just for laughes, or something else, I would really recommand this manga as part of your reading list :D

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