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Whilst visiting YUI-net today, I found out a new feature that has been implemented in! It’s YUI’s slot!

What’s this YUI’s Slot for you ask? Well, if you hit the jackpot, you’ll get access to a page which offers downloads of the wallpaper size of the cd covers of albums and singles YUI has released since! You can now spread the YUI goodness over your PC, laptop, Mac, PSP etc and infect the others as well! :)

Visit YUI-net.com <Link> and play it!

The slot system is really easy to beat :) Keep your timings right and you should get it eventually.

There are a total of 6 albums out now I think. Can’t really rememeber the number of singles that’s out though.

It’s a simple page with the downloads and instructions on how to use it on the different operating systems.

Well, I do know you bastards are lazy (XD), so I have managed to grab all of them during my break today :)

You can download them here

HTTP Download

YUI_Wallpaper.rar (4.48MB, WinRAR)

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