Kit Kat Chocolatier

 A trip to the local supermarket and bought these 2 lovely looking boxes containing kitkats.

Introducing Kit Kat Chocolatier Strawberry & Nuts and Kit Kat Chocolatier Ujimaccha & Kinako, a Japan Limited edition!

Very intimidating boxes

Kit Kat Chocolatier Strawberry & Nuts is at the back, while Kit Kat Chocolatier Ujimaccha (a variant of green tea) & Kinako (soybean) at the front.

Ujimaccha <Link>

Each box costed about 5.80SGD and contains 16 Mini single fingers of kit kat bars.

     ^ Front and back view (Kit Kat Chocolatier Ujimaccha & Kinako)

16 Mini single fingers in each box. I like the simple wrapper design of it. It makes it very easy to customize if more variants of Chocolatier comes out.

      ^ Pink variant of Chocolatier

The simplistic wrapper design also reminds me of Power Rangers. People differentiate them by their colors :) Pink Ranger Go!  

     ^ A mini single finger bar

A light plain green finger bar, depicting that of a wasabi color. The kinako couldn’t really be tasted. Probably because it’s a single finger bar. 2 single finger bars should the length of a finger standard bar.

The Kit Kat Chocolatier Strawberry & Nuts consists of erm.. strawberry and nuts. It actually just tastes the same as Kit Kat Sakura <Link>. Same (chemically processed) strawberry wafers taste. Different feel, different touch. I think this one’s isn’t as sweet compared to Kit Kat Sakura.

Also, when you open the box up, there’s a short description of the Kit Kat by the makers (Can anyone confirm this?). You can actually also use this as a tissue box once you’re done with eating the bars ^___^ 

5 thoughts on “Kit Kat Chocolatier”

  1. looks nice and delicious… going to run down to my supermarket to buy them…. i liked how you took their pictures

  2. Looks really nice.

    Tell me, in Singapore do they have Cote d’Or Bouchee’s? They’re not Japanese, but they are generally regarded as the best chocolates — better than most Lindt productions, or the overpriced Ferraro Rocher.

  3. I’m a big kit-kat fan! I remember I had those honeydew flavored kit-kats from Japan and they taste exotic. there’s also the fruit parfiet flavour in Sinagpore’ though I forgot where I can get it.

    P.S. Your photography skills have improved a lot!

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